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Being a startup founder or entrepreneur is hard work. The responsibilities and obligations can seem to be endless. And one of the most critically important is sales.

If you’re getting ready to launch and haven’t talked to prospects, or you’ve got your first customers but can’t accelerate your sales, we know how to help. Let’s dive into the details and get your customer acquisition strategy on track.

Founders need to sell.

Is this story familiar? A very capable software engineer has a great idea. And decides to build out that idea.

The result is a disruptive product that is beautifully designed, incredibly robust, and is cost effective. It’s so good that it should sell itself. Except it doesn’t.

Of course, the solution still needs to be sold. And that’s true of every solution. The founder still needs to sell it. You can read the sales and marketing books, listen to podcasts, but still feel stuck, frustrated and lost. How do you get started, get momentum, and get customers to succeed and tell their peers?

This founder then talked to us. We quickly dug into the sales process, defined the specific customer benefits, and determined a simple, actionable sales strategy. One that focused on fundamentals and allowed the founder to leverage their unique selling strengths.

As a founder, you are the sales leader for the enterprise. Let us help you leverage your unique sales strengths and accelerate your sales momentum.



Sales Craft - The Book

Ultimately, sales success comes down to fundamentals. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s often just basic skills routinely executed. 

But it helps to have the right mindset and approach. Sales Craft explains the mindset and summarizes these core sales skills. Simply and efficiently. So you can focus and execute as the sales leader your company needs. 


Sales Coaching


Early-stage founders, consultants, solopreneurs and creators need selling. You need to know your customers, understand the requirements, hear objections firsthand, ask the questions and develop those critical early relationships. 

And you can’t wait until the solution is ready. Those conversations need to happen now.

Don’t fixate on MVP or Product/Market Fit. Let’s uncomplicate your sales process and get your next customer, but the right next customer. And then the next right customer. 

We can’t promise that sales is easy, but we can make it easier. And make you an effective sales leader.

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