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About Me

I'm Brendan McAdams and over the last 10+ years, I’ve helped dozens of founders recognize, attack and overcome the very common challenges unique to early-stage startups:

Fear of rejection

Dealing with competing responsibilities

Handling proposals and customer negotiations

Managing the revenue expectations typical of an evolving product roadmap

Navigating the complexities of developing a repeatable (and standardized) implementation and successful onboarding process

Founders Need to Sell

As a founder, you are the sales leader for the enterprise. Let us help you leverage your unique sales strengths and accelerate your sales momentum.

Is this story familiar? A very capable software engineer has a great idea. And decides to build out that idea.

The result is a disruptive product that is beautifully designed, incredibly robust, and is cost effective. It’s so good that it should sell itself. Except it doesn’t.

Of course, the solution still needs to be sold. And that’s true of every solution. The founder still needs to sell it. You can read the sales and marketing books, listen to podcasts, but still feel stuck, frustrated and lost. How do you get started, get momentum, and get customers to succeed and tell their peers?

This founder then talked to us. We quickly dug into the sales process, defined the specific customer benefits, and determined a simple, actionable sales strategy. One that focused on fundamentals and allowed the founder to leverage their unique selling strengths.

Become your company's sales leader in 90 days

Three Ways I Can Help

Targeted short-term engagements specifically designed to define and tackle your exact sales and marketing challenge.

The outcome of the workshop is a personalized, actionable plan that will work for your organization.

1-1 Sales Coaching

Our specialty. Founders get direct access to me on any sales, growth, or revenue topic (nothing is off the table!)

The objective is growth, progress and action. Coaching with accountability. It’s having an experienced sales executive on staff when you need one.

Train Your Team

Focused training workshops specific to your sales team needs. Get consistent and measurable sales process, strategy, and customer identification.

The outcome is a sales team focused on the right accounts, talking to the right people, with the right message.

Let us help simplify and streamline your sales leadership.

Start by booking a quick call to talk about your specific sales situation.

What are others saying?

Beth Pride Headshot

Brendan was able to quickly understand our business, identify our competitive advantages and unique differentiators, and uncover our sales blind spots. He then worked collaboratively with our team to identify our company's real strategic opportunities. Brendan knows B2B sales, and we've already reengaged him to keep the momentum going

Beth Pride

CEO, BPO Global

What others are saying?

Ronald Ck Ong Headshot

Brendan is that rare breed of people who has a lifelong experience in B2B enterprise sales and an affinity for technology and digital tools. Having also published a book on his subject matter - this is an insightful read. I'd recommend him and his thinking for any coaching, training or troubleshooting issues you may have, either as an individual or for your sales teams.

Ronald Ck Ong

Founder & Group CEO, SearchDigital

What others are saying?

Basil Udo Headshot

I spoke to Brendan about how to approach investment and startup finances. His response was illuminating and thought-provoking because it was so simple, yet effective. In just a thirty-minute conversation, I gained access to several actionable steps toward delivering value for my customers and growing my business.

Basil Udo

Startup Founder

What others are saying?

Brendan McAdams is the consummate professional, someone with great and valuable enterprise and start-up sales expertise. He is a gifted author and teacher, who conveys a lot of his wisdom in Twitter posts and his Let’s Chat Sales podcast. He is thoughtful and customer-focused, someone who has helped many founders and other businesses find a pathway to successful sales operations. He has literally changed how I look at sales in profound ways.

Bob Graham

CEO, Breakthrough Solutions

What others are saying?

Brendan gets up to speed quickly, analyzes business opportunities and obstacles, and provides immediate and actionable insights. And he does it in simple, achievable steps. If you're looking for a B2B sales coach combined with a business consultant, you should be talking to Brendan.

Kristin Backstom Ph.D
CEO and Founder, Cogni-Life

What others are saying?

Just finished a 30 min chat with @brendanmcadams and honestly, that was one of the best 30 mins I've spent in a while. Super helpful. A pleasure to converse with. Thank you @myfriendjanine for making that connection. It was powerful.

Darren Buckner

CEO, Workfrom

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