Sales requires process and execution

But it doesn’t have to be complicated…

Develop your mindset and your message

Leverage and communicate your innate sales advantages

Create opportunity for agreement

Gain the skills to conduct effective customer discovery

Set the groundwork for customer success

Recognize your sales journey and measure the results

Plan for revenue and enterprise growth

Employ systems and processes for repeatable success


This sales accelerator program is built on MAPS Sales Process. These four components emphasize the key foundational elements of an effective B2B sales process, eliminating the guesswork and mystery and enabling you to engage the right customers and grow your business.


“I don’t know how to sell.”

“When should I be selling?”

“I don’t want/need to sell.”

“I think I need more features.”

“Sales is too sleazy for me.”

“I’ll do selling later. “

“I’ll hire people to sell for me.”

If you’re saying any of these to yourself (and don’t worry, most startup founders do), you need to adjust your mindset and become sales effective. 

Just because you’re ‘technical’ or ‘not a born salesperson’ (Who is? I wasn’t!), doesn’t mean you can’t be effective.

In fact, this can be your secret weapon. But you need to know how to aim and fire that weapon. That’s what this program breaks down and explains.



How would it feel to know who to talk to, who can buy

(and who can’t), and what the key sales drivers are?

What would happen if you knew the next steps, and could anticipate (and avoid) the obstacles and delays in your sales cycle?

What would you do with the extra time you no longer waste on pointless prospecting or ineffective demos?

That’s the goal with this sales accelerator program. It is specifically designed to streamline and demystify your sales process, and then set you and your customer on a path to mutual success.

About Brendan McAdams

I’ve been selling into enterprise and B2B accounts for over 35 years. I’ve been a sales coach and sales strategy consultant and a fellow startup founder (, so I have lived through essentially every situation you will likely encounter.

I’m also the program director for an early-stage accelerator program, author of Sales Craft: Proven Tips, Practices and Ideas to Advance Your Sales Success, and the host of the Let’s Chat Sales podcast for startup founders.

Perhaps most importantly, I have coached dozens of sales executives and startup founders. And it is that breadth of experience that makes this an ideal sales accelerator experience for you.

Want to get to know him better? Visit

to listen to him and his friend/sidekick Bob chat about sales.


You’re not a salesperson but you recognize how important sales is.
You’re building a B2B product / solution but you haven’t talked to customers yet (or not enough of them…)

You’re busy, but you can spare 10-20 minutes every day to build the critical sales habit and foundational understanding of your ideal customers and sales process.

You want to learn fast and have the chance to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs without wasting time

You’re serious about customer success as the best path to serious customer and revenue growth, and are willing to invest regularly to achieve that outcome.


“Brendan was able to quickly understand our business, identify our competitive advantages and unique differentiators, and uncover our sales blind spots. He then worked collaboratively with our team to identify our company’s real strategic opportunities. Brendan knows B2B sales, and we’ve already reengaged him to keep the momentum going.”

Beth Pride

CEO, BPO Global

“Brendan is that rare breed of people who has a lifelong experience in B2B enterprise sales and an affinity for technology and digital tools. Having also published a book on his subject matter – this is an insightful read. I’d recommend him and his thinking for any coaching, training or troubleshooting issues you may have, either as an individual or for your sales teams.”

Ronald Ck Ong

Founder & Group CEO, SearchDigital

“I spoke to Brendan about how to approach investment and startup finances. His response was illuminating and thought-provoking because it was so simple, yet effective. In just a thirty-minute conversation, I gained access to several actionable steps toward delivering value for my customers and growing my business.”

Basil Udo
Startup Founder

“Brendan McAdams is the consummate professional, someone with great and valuable enterprise and start-up sales expertise. He is a gifted author and teacher, who conveys a lot of his wisdom in Twitter posts and his Let’s Chat Sales podcast. He is thoughtful and customer-focused, someone who has helped many founders and other businesses find a pathway to successful sales operations. He has literally changed how I look at sales in profound ways.”

Bob Graham
CEO, Breakthrough Solutions

“Brendan gets up to speed quickly, analyzes business opportunities and obstacles, and provides immediate and actionable insights. And he does it in simple, achievable steps. If you’re looking for a B2B sales coach combined with a business consultant, you should be talking to Brendan.”

Kristin Backstom Ph.D
CEO and Founder, Cogni-Life

Just finished a 30 min chat with @brendanmcadams and honestly, that was one of the best 30 mins I’ve spent in a while. Super helpful. A pleasure to converse with. Thank you @myfriendjanine for making that connection. It was powerful.

Darren Buckner
CEO, Workfrom


Should I sign up?

It depends? If you’re struggling with the sales or customer success aspects of your B2B business, this program is for you. Or if you’re looking for a no nonsense, efficient way yo learn and apply a proven sales system to your business, this is a fit. Or if you’re even just looking to elevate your sales execution, this will be a valuable investment. And if it’s not, we’ll refund your money.

What is the schedule?

It’s a 30-day sprint with an actionable daily lesson. Get an email every morning and do the lesson that day. If you block out 10 to 20 minutes, at your convenience, that should do it!

Where does this happen?

Wherever you are. It’s an email-based program that’s specific specifically designed to work within your schedule and other demands.

Will I have ongoing access to this content?

Yes, you’ll have ongoing access because I’ll be emailing you every day with instructions, action items, and other related materials and tools.

What should I expect at the end of 30 days?

By the end of 30 days, you will:

1) understand the key dynamics of B2B sales,

2) appreciate why your customer wants you to sell to them,

3) be able to walk your customer through the success journey, and

4) get the agreement and alignment necessary to complete your sale.