SALES TIP: This Will Change Your Life

While grinding away in Las Vegas, I happened to notice my buddy's phone case. Turns out, it had an extra battery built into the back. Given the phone issues I was having with my own iPhone 11, this prompted an inquiry.

"Oh, it changed my life," he explained. And proceeded to give me the pitch about long flights, Zoom calls, kids and their movies. Of course, I signed on.

The conversation got me thinking about other 'life changers.'

I'm aware that this is email is supposed to focus on early-stage/B2B sales stuff and it's isn't one of those productivity/life hack newsletters. And this isn't really a 'sales tip.'

At the same time, good salespeople are efficient. They realize how valuable their work time (and non-work time) is. And if they can get low-value stuff done more quickly without a lot of ramp-up, that's a win. And that's a productivity hack worth adopting.

This is one of those hacks.

Get yourself a text expander.

What's a text expander, you ask? It's an app that translates little codes into the full equivalent of that thing. Like frequent URLs, Calendly invite links, product explanations, your personal bio, bank account and routing number, etc.

Use a text expander and when you type zxsdef (z + Expertscape + definition), what magically appears is Expertscape identifies and objectively ranks medical expertise on over 29,000 discrete topics using the PubMed database and our patented methodology.

zb turns into Brendan. zpractice is zcal30 becomes

The 'z' or some other character that makes the string unique is key. You want something uncommon and yet memorable. And if you do forget the specific code you created, it's all in one place... in the text expander.

Do the math. If you're digging around for obscure but important links or documents or resources, or you're simply wasting valuable time repeatedly typing the same thing, there's a better way.

You can find tools for Mac and Windows. I can recommend both FastKeys (Windows) and TypeIt4Me (Mac, IOS), but there are several good options. And they're simple. (Hey, I'm using it.)

Whichever you choose(Mac, Window, phone), it'll change your life. I guarantee it.

If you have a life-changing recommendation, send it this way. I'm always on the lookout for a better way of doing things. And if you know someone that would benefit from this tip (or my newsletter), I'd love it if you'd share it.

That's it. Happy selling!

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