SALES TIP: Don’t Do These Things

Most of the time we’re talking about things you should be doing to elevate your sales game.

But not today. This time it’s a list of things you shouldn’t be doing.

Don’t do these things.  

Some of these may be obvious and others more esoteric, but they are all good behaviors to avoid. (And if you want to get full explanations and examples, there’s a ten minute podcast episode here).

So let’s get started.

  1. Don’t interrupt. It’s impolite and off-putting. More importantly, if you’re interrupting, you’re discouraging your customer from wanting to talk. And that’s bad.

  2. Don’t type notes during the meeting. It telegraphs to me that you’re not paying attention. Pen and paper work. You can do data entry later.

  3. Don’t talk about the meeting while you’re in the building. This is a classic mistake. Fight the urge. Keep your sales call post-mortem to yourself until you’re safely away from the property.

  4. Don’t eat in a meeting. Donuts are great. But fight the urge. You can stop at a bakery later and do your sales call post mortem while enjoying a cruller.

  5. Don’t use every minute of the meeting. Be efficient. Wrap up early. It’s a gift to get a few minutes back, and you’re making it easier to schedule the next one.

  6. Don’t be boring. You’re interesting. So be your interesting self. You’ll enjoy things more… and so will your customers.

  7. Don’t sit in the lobby. Stand. When waiting for a customer to bring you up to their office, you’re standing. Because you’re important, and ready. Ditto when they put you in a conference room to wait. Don’t sit down. That’s for later…

  8. Don’t stand behind the podium.  You’re presenting. Don’t hide. Walk around. Be animated. Move. Be interesting.

  9. Don’t overthink things. People second guess themselves.  Remember Occam’s Razor… The simplest explanation is probably the right one. Then validate your assumption by talking to customers.

Don’t do these things and you’ll be a better, more effective, and more interesting sales professional.

And who doesn’t want that?

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