Sales Craft

Proven Tips, Tactics and Ideas to Elevate Your Sales Success

For both the new and experienced sales professional on the lookout for new skills and ideas.

Sales Craft explains the mindset and summarizes these core sales skills. Simply and efficiently. So you can focus and execute as the sales leader your company needs. 

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Sales Craft is about fundamentals and habits. Like having the footwork required to be a good boxer or the knife skills that make a good chef, it’s knowing the basics and then executing them. Consistently and deftly.

A Sales Story

We’re Not In Hollywood – A quick story to set the stage


After the Interview

Being On Time

Being Late

Time is Money

Be Reliable

Don’t Be Too Reliable

The Other Elevator Pitch

Find Your Authenticity

Can We Be Honest?

Tech Support

Your Sales Toolkit

10,000 Hours

Call to Confirm

Getting Touches

Cards and Letters

Q and A

Will You Just Listen?


Compressing Time

Admin Assistance

Companies ≠ Customers

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Sales Presentations

Conference Ambush

Lobby Ambush

The Big Meeting

What’s Plan B?

In Front of the Camera

Keep in Touch

Sell by Walking Around

You Gotta Eat

Who is Your Coach?

YES. And NO.

Making Introductions

And RFP… Now What?

Smaller Calls

The Mental Game

Credit is Overrated

Killing Your Deal

Paint the Picture

Selling… or Buying

When Winning Isn’t

It’s All About Triangulation

It Should Be Fun

Practice Effortlessness

About Marketing

Telling Stories

The Big Night

Thank You

Loose Ends

Final Thoughts

Next Steps


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