Sales success comes down to fundamentals. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s often just basic skills routinely executed. 

Read Sales Craft: Proven Tips, Tactics and Ideas to Elevate Your Sales Success

Sales Craft explains the mindset and summarizes these core sales skills. Simply and efficiently. So you can focus and execute as the sales leader your company needs. 

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Listen to the Let’s Chat Sales Podcast

Brendan McAdams and Bob Graham have quick (10-18 min) chats about early-stage startups, sales fundamentals, and other quick tips and ideas for the B2B startup founder. Listen to the latest episode.

Let’s Chat Sales YouTube Channel

On this channel, we cover all aspects of B2B sales. Most of the videos are short and simple, and focus on key sales fundamentals and proven habits. 

The overall philosophy here is to simplify the sales process and effective practices, because sales is a craft. And as a craft, anyone can get learn how to sell better and become successful at B2B sales.

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