Loose Ends

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Loose Ends

Final Thoughts

Writing a book is hard.

Or at least it was for me. It requires tremendous effort, and despite the effort can feel like you aren’t getting closer to the finish. It’s a slog. Even when it’s finished, sent off to the printing shop to be solidified in black and white, the work still isn’t over. Because now you need to let people know. You need to get out there, talk it up, promote and evangelize.

Plus, there’s the self-doubt that inevitably seeps in at the most inopportune moments. Writing a book means you’re spending a lot of time alone, thinking and typing, which gives your psyche plenty of opportunity to wonder what it is you think you’re doing, question why it matters, and point out where the flaws are. And there are lots of flaws…

Which is to say, writing a book is just like life. And like sales. Ultimately, you need to love the grind, the process, and the little details. Because the secret to writing a book, to being good at sales, and the secret to life is pretty much the same.

You need to keep at it.

For as long as I can remember, my father has had certain pithy observations that would get repeated at the most appropriate (or inappropriate) moment. One of which is particularly applicable in almost every situation. “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

Which is perhaps the most useful and indisputable advice among these pages. Just keep at it. Practice. Learn. Try out new ideas. And get incrementally better.

Most important, disregard the bastards.

Next Steps

Thank you for reading! I hope you’re able to find some useful ideas to try out and enhance your sales skillset. And if you can, please add a short review on Amazon and let me know what you thought.

Also, visit www.brendanmcadams.com to get access to the forms and materials mentioned.

Finally, send along an email if you have questions, want to discuss sales philosophies, or disagree with me(?!) My email is brendan@brendanmcadams.com and please connect with me on LinkedIn.


If there’s any value to be found within these pages, it’s due to the wisdom, guidance, observation and patience shown to me by so many. (The blame for everything else should be directed entirely at me.)

Of course, I need to thank many customers from over the years from whom I’ve learned so much about sales, business and relationships. Thanks in particular to Tom Dwyer, Curt Wilber, Tom Pellegrino, Rick Lee, Joe Hollander, Len Camarda, Steve Cohan, John Ginelli, Rick Shinto, Zinnia Santiago, Dr. Mike Siegel, Dave Terry, Tony Cheng, Tony Schueth, Brad Kogan, Jim Eppel, Bill Fandrich, Hsin Kan, Brett Coleman, Barb Derian, Dr. Amy Ladd, Michiko Tanabe, David Perry, Dr. Kam Kalantar, Dr. Alpesh Amin, George Wenning, Kim LaPietra, Dr. Robert Weinreb, Prof. Marco Ferrari, Bob Allen, and Dr. Jeffrey Kang.

And I’ve benefited from the guidance and company of many really fine executives, sales managers and fellow salespeople over the course of my career. Thanks to: Jim Fleming, Larry Arata, Tim Milovich, Bob Aloisio, Ron Alvarez, Jeff Verney, Nancy Ham, Tim Tolan, Mike Long, Terry Yanni, Philip Lay, Bob Farley, Jim LoPresti, Gary Stuart, Ed Graham, Ken Lowe, Bill Appelgate, Phil White, Philippe Kahn, Karen Thompson, Scott Miller, Tony DeCicco, Rick Altinger, Mike Taber, and Ben Gardner.

I’ve wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember, but it was Tim Tolan that got this started and pushed me along. His encouragement and advice have been invaluable over the years.

This book wouldn’t have happened without the reliable and steadfast encouragement from John Marron, Joe Valenti, and Adam Budish. Each of them suffered through my excuses and explanations, provided inexhaustible optimism and thoughtful feedback, and nudged me gently but insistently forward.

Bob Graham has been invaluable as editor, advisor, critic and coach. Our regular ‘coffee and consultation’ sessions made this book infinitely better, and I’m already looking forward to the next project.

My good friend and Expertscape co-founder, Dr. John Sotos, has been an indefatigable source of creativity, enthusiasm and rationality. Our lengthy conversations have informed much of this book.

Of course, I’m especially grateful to my parents. I’ve been gifted with love, support, encouragement and an environment rich with opportunity and freedom. I’ve been spoiled rotten in all the best possible ways.

Finally, I want to thank Lorri White, the love of my life and center of my universe. She has endured it all and has kept me on a sure and steady course throughout. We made it!

Thank you, everyone.

About the Author

Brendan McAdams is a sales and marketing professional focused on B2B clients in healthcare. He is the cofounder of Expertscape.com, the premiere system for identifying and objectively ranking medical expertise by specific topic, condition or diagnosis. He also operates a consulting practice that helps healthcare technology companies market and sell to risk-bearing entities. (e.g. health insurance companies, health systems and large physician groups.)

And when he’s not working with healthcare clients, you can probably find him in his shop making chips and sawdust.


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