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Let me start by explaining what this book isn’t. It isn’t a richly detailed, step-by-step sales scheme for transforming you into the next sales superstar. And you won’t find a systematic, five step sales methodology here either. There are plenty of those sorts of resources out there. And chances are you’ve already got a sales process.

Instead, this book is a compilation of the various sales techniques and observations that I’ve collected, tested, evaluated and ultimately adopted over the course of my sales career. Some are simple and perhaps even pedantic, and others may come off as philosophical ramblings, but all of them have served me well over the years. My hope is that you’ll experiment with them and find them worth adding to your own sales repertoire.


It’s About Sales Fundamentals

Sales Craft is about fundamentals and habits. Like having the footwork required to be a good boxer or the knife skills that make a good chef, it’s knowing the basics and then executing them. Consistently and deftly.

Becoming good at anything requires practice, attention to detail, constant refinement and continuous learning. And being good at sales is no different. Expertise comes slowly, over time and often in frustratingly small increments. At least that has been my experience. Much of what I write about focuses on those little increments, partly because they add up and partly because they don’t get the attention and use that they warrant. My hope is that you find Sales Craft to be both approachable and thought-provoking.

You’ll notice that it’s organized into three major sections: EssentialsExtras, and The Mental Game.

Essentials covers basic sales practices that should be part of every regimen, while Extras focuses on next-level sales techniques worth considering. Finally, The Mental Game is a big picture examination of the sales profession and how to think about one’s place in it. From my perspective, being a professional salesperson is one of the truly ideal career choices and so deserves rigorous thought, contemplation and an adherence to one’s convictions.


It’s a Sales Resource

That said, feel free to jump to any page or section. It’s intended as a reference, and maybe as a reminder to regularly add to or reinforce good sales habits.

The pages ahead are an admittedly incomplete list of basic tips, practices and ideas that have worked for me.  And I expect to add to this list at, and invite you to pass along suggestions as well.

Lastly, this book is meant as a small repayment to the profession that has been so good to me over the years. In no other job could I have experienced so much, met so many good people or been allowed the sort of creative outlet that selling has given me. As a good friend and an expert salesperson once summarized so effectively about his career choice, “It’s a good thing the world needs guys like me, because I’m not qualified to do anything else.”

I genuinely hope that you find the observations and suggestions here to be valuable and motivational as you continue to develop your craft.

Happy Selling!



September 2019

Table of Contents

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A Sales Story

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