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SALES TIP: This Will Change Your Life

While grinding away in Las Vegas, I happened to notice my buddy’s phone case. Turns out, it had an extra battery built into the back. Given the phone issues I was having with my own iPhone 11, this prompted an inquiry.

SALES TIP: Don’t Do These Things

We mostly talk about what sales professionals SHOULD do, but often the quickest way to improve your execution and effectiveness is to STOP doing certain things that undermine or limit your sale success. Like these…

Your Price Is Too High

“Your price is too high” is an indication that you need to work on your sales discovery, if only to streamline your sales efforts and make it easier for customers to say ‘yes.’

Get Better at Getting Your Next Customer

While getting your first customers can seem difficult, confusing or just plain intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. Much of your sales success can be accomplished by simply focusing on the basics. And the good news is that you probably already know them. Here are 12 simple tips and practices that are guaranteed to make you more effective at sales.

Companies ≠ Customers

Just as you wouldn’t confuse your job with your career, don’t confuse companies and customers. You might have a list of companies that make up your territory, but it is always the people at these companies that buy. Here’s the simple math: Companies ≠ People Customers = People Over the course of your rich and …

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Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Confirm With An Agenda

Perhaps the simplest step that you can take to improve your sales success rate is to confirm the call with an agenda. This simple habit serves multiple objectives: As a meeting reminder That that you’re prepared and ready That a commitment has been made That your time is valuable, too. Because you’re a professional that …

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Make It Easy For Your Customer

As a professional salesperson, a big part of your job is to make things easy. Good sales execution is all about removing friction and difficulty and resistance. And there are plenty of all three when it involves making a purchasing decision. But decisions can be hard. Decisions mean change, upheaval, risk. There is the exposure, …

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Incorporate Experiments into your Sales Process

Here’s a question. How does one get better? How does one improve at something? (Okay, that’s two questions.) Here’s how you don’t improve. Keep doing the same thing. You certainly can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to get better. Somehow or another, you have to do something different. You have …

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