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Chipping Away

We’ve got a tree dying in the backyard. It’s a largish flowering cherry tree, prominent and contributing significantly to our privacy, but with few leaves left and signaling that its best days are past. Dying trees invariably sadden me. I can’t help but notice them when I drive about the city, and the deaths seem …

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Guess the Future

Here’s a thought experiment. Try to predict the future. The prediction can be big or small. And with COVID19 so dramatically creating upheaval and doubt, there’s a lot about the future that is up in the air. Here’s a small prediction. People will be buying TVs. Bigger ones. Huge, probably. And smarter ones, with built-in …

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Time Management Tip – Make Your Own Pizza

The internet is inundated with time saving hacks and suggestions. Search time management and literally millions of links will return, providing you with an infinite opportunity to waste time evaluating hacks, tips, and top ten lists. And yet, making your own pizza will not be among them. Until now. Given that pizza is one of …

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Sales Fundamentals: The Minimum Viable Answer

Product people have this thing they refer to: Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. It’s the product that you roll out to early-adopters in order to prove that you have something that works, that solves a customer problem and that people will buy. It is an answer to a problem, albeit a limited answer with a …

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The Great British Baking Show as a Recruiting Case Study

I have a confession to make. In the midst of COVID19, I’ve managed to watch the entire canon of the Great British Baking Show. Every episode. This is no small accomplishment. The show spans ten streamable seasons of ten episodes (except seasons one and two, at 6 and 8 respectively), each episode a reliable one …

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Getting Started

In my consistent experience, it’s the first step that promises to be the most difficult. Regardless how well I happen to understand this, just pushing off or typing the first few words can seem an almost insurmountable undertaking. It’s the right thing, obviously, and I also know that I’ll be pleased to have completed it… …

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The overall philosophy here is to simplify the sales process and effective practices, because sales is a craft. And as a craft, anyone can get learn how to sell better and become successful at B2B sales.

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