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Weekly sales advice, stories, case studies and deal breakdowns. The emphasis is on digging into the B2B sales process. For founders by a fellow founder who understands firsthand how important sales execution is.

Sales Fundamental: Have a Sales Out

Early-stage founders need to be actively selling. It’s a key sales fundamental to understand that having a dual founder/sales role means that the buck stops with you. This means your prospective client knows that you call the shots. They know that you have the authority and can commit. You can say YES. But… there may …

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Sales Fundamentals: Your Sales Toolkit

Do you have a sales toolkit? Because a salesperson’s income is directly linked to their sales performance, being more productive pays real dividends. Which means every increase in preparedness and productivity typically translates into increased sales success, which should then result in greater earnings. (Or it should.) A ten percent increase in your productivity should …

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The Request for Proposal

I think there have been four unsolicited Request for Proposal (RFP) wins in the course of my sales career. Four. That’s an average of one every… never mind. Of course, that may suggest that I suck at RFPs. Or maybe the deal was skewed to the favor of some other vendor. (I’m going with the …

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Sales Fundamentals – Understand Copywriting

If you’re focused on sales fundamentals, it pays to spend some time understanding copywriting. Here’s a simple homework assignment: Study how copy is written. Learn why the good stuff works. Most importantly, be like all the good copywriters and understand the basic psychology behind it. Because the folks that do it well understand buyers and …

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Compressing Time

Imagine the arc of a complex sales process and the time span it occupies. Now think about compressing time. Make that time span smaller, shorter, and more dense. From the identification (or even better, the creation) of buyer interest to the point where a purchasing decision is finally made, there are any number of events …

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Selling by Walking Around

One of the seminal business books of the 1980’s, In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, (kudos to you if you’re too young to know of it) explained the importance of ‘managing by walking around.’ The idea was that you learned things, absorbed the culture, uncovered problems and opportunities, and understood how …

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In Front of the Camera

Here’s a quick tip. Whenever practical, turn your scheduled conference calls and demos into video calls. The advantages are innumerable, but here are a few: Engagement – You see them. They see you. Which means they have to pay attention, and it means you have to pay attention. You can’t check email or surf the …

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Sales Presentations

Disaster may await, but (at least in my experience), it’s incredibly rare that a roomful of people want to see your sales presentation fail miserably. They may be skeptical, they may prefer another vendor (or the status quo), or they may just want to get to lunch or back to their desk. In reality, people …

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