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Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Listen

Just Listen. If you read Relax, I lied. For whatever reason, this step is harder. It shouldn’t be, but for most salespeople it just is. Listening just seems to be difficult to pull off. We want to talk, share our perspective, communicate. And we want to have people agree with us. What Your Customer Is …

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Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Begin With The End in Mind

Like anything worthwhile, being effective at sales takes time, effort, and dedication. But everyone can become better at sales.  Start with the fundamentals. Start with the fundamentals. And when it comes to the sales call itself, there are ten simple steps that every sales professional should adhere to. And this first step sets the foundation …

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Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Have a Plan and a Process

Okay. You have a sales call on the calendar. More importantly, you now have a vision for where this next part of the sales journey should take both you and your customer. You have the end in mind. What’s next? You need to have a plan and a process. Let’s Do Some Thinking Think of …

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Companies ≠ Customers

Just as you wouldn’t confuse your job with your career, don’t confuse companies and customers. You might have a list of companies that make up your territory, but it is always the people at these companies that buy. Here’s the simple math: Companies ≠ People Customers = People Over the course of your rich and …

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Sales Fundamentals: Cold Email

Cold emails work, especially if they’re not cold. I got hit up by a start-up founder with a cold email in response to a post I placed on @IndieHackers. It’s worth sharing as it’s a great example of how to start a sales conversation. “Hi Brendan, I found your answers on Indiehackers quite interesting and …

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Sales Tip: Have Reasons to Reconnect

To keep the sales process moving forward, you need to keep the conversation going. To do that, you need to be proactive. And one solid way to do that is to create reasons to reconnect with your customer. This isn’t complicated, but it requires some preparation. And execution. To create opportunities to reconnect, consider the …

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Sales Fundamentals – Have Patience

When selling to big, brand-named B2B accounts, it helps to have patience. One of the more frustrating aspects of sales for early stage start-ups is the decision-making process and the slow pace of progress that’s inherent with enterprise accounts. A juicy, high-profile deal with one can be a game-changer for any small company, but making …

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Sales Fundamental: Reliability

One of the most basic sales fundamentals is reliability, the simple act of doing what you say you’re going to do. You could also argue it’s the most obvious. (It’s also a rule that translates equally well to most other areas of life.) In two words: Be reliable. Deliver on your commitments. Be on time. …

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The overall philosophy here is to simplify the sales process and effective practices, because sales is a craft. And as a craft, anyone can get learn how to sell better and become successful at B2B sales.

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