Founders and Sales

Founders and Sales

If you’re a founder (or a bootstrapper or solopreneur), keep reading. I have a Public Service Announcement for you.

You need to know how to sell, and you need to be selling.

Yes, we understand. You’re busy. You have a solution to craft, pressure to deliver, people to deal with and a company to run. We understand that. But founders need to be selling, too.

Founders need to know how to sell.  Because you need to:

  •          Understand customer requirements,
  •          See how various people respond to your solution,
  •          Hear feedback, questions, objections firsthand,
  •          Learn about your market, the trends and challenges,
  •          Build relationships with your early adopters,
  •          And so much more.


The good news? Founders can make excellent sales leaders. You have deep product knowledge, authority and credibility, and can move quickly and decisively. And you can be better at it than you probably give yourself credit.


Certainly, there are also disadvantages. It takes time and energy. You’re probably outside your comfort zone. And as the boss, it’s hard to dodge a tough question.

But those disadvantages are manageable, while the advantages are invaluable. And ultimately critical to the success of your enterprise. And your customers.

And one more takeaway… As your company scales, it is your sales skills that will matter. With marketing, with public appearances, with recruiting, and in customer meetings.

So lean in and sell. It’s a completely learnable skill. Because you can. Because you should. Honestly, because as a founder, you have to.

Let’s get started.

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