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Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped dozens of founders recognize, attack and overcome the very common challenges unique to early-stage startups:

  • fear of rejection,
  • dealing with competing responsibilities,
  • handling proposals customer negotiations,
  • managing the revenue expectations typical of an evolving product roadmap,
  • navigating the complexities of developing a repeatable (and standardized) implementation and successful onboarding process.


As a fellow founder, I’ve lived these challenges firsthand. And have extensive sales experience in healthcare, pharma, telecom and financial services. Kiinetics is dedicated to ensuring early-stage founders avoid the common sales pitfalls and accomplish your key objective: predictable, growing revenue.

We enable this through our proven sales approach based on a set on actionable fundamentals and sales system: the ‘Direct Sales Process.’ It’s specifically meant for B2B sales, and ideally suited to startups and founders.

Let us help simplify and streamline your sales leadership. Start by booking a quick call to talk about your specific sales situation.


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Helping Founders

Become your company's sales leader. In 90 days.


Targeted short-term engagements specifically designed to define and tackle your exact sales and marketing challenge.

Working with you in a workshop format, the engagement seeks to co-create your ideal customer profile (ICP), product market fit, market strategy, engagement and outreach, and sales process. The outcome of the workshop is a personalized, actionable plan that will work for your organization.

1-on-1 Sales Coaching

Our specialty. Founders get direct access to me on any sales/growth/revenue topic (nothing is off the table!)

Regular and ad-hoc discussions when you need them. The output is specific to the situation or opportunity. The objective is growth, progress and action. Coaching with accountability.

It’s having an your experienced sales executive on staff when you need one. Your on-demand B2B sales expertise hotline.

Train Your Team

Focused training workshops specific to your sales team needs.

You have a sales team but look for continuous improvement. We can accelerate your sales growth with our custom training approach. Faster across the team with a consistent and measurable sales process, strategy, and customer identification.

The outcome is a sales team focused on the right accounts, talking to the right people, with the right message.

Simplify. Execute. And Get Your Revenue On Track

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