Seven Reasons Why People Disregard Coaching… And Why They Shouldn’t

Seven Reasons Why People Disregard Coaching… And Why They Shouldn’t Training is hot right now. The global pandemic has fueled The Great Resignation, and that in turn has sparked a huge surge in the creation and enrollment in training programs. Everywhere you look, someone is developing a training course. But while people are actively embracing […]

Founders and Sales

Founders and Sales If you’re a founder (or a bootstrapper or solopreneur), keep reading. I have a Public Service Announcement for you. You need to know how to sell, and you need to be selling. Yes, we understand. You’re busy. You have a solution to craft, pressure to deliver, people to deal with and a […]

Big B2B ≠ Everyone

Big B2B ≠ Everyone Selling to large enterprises is hard. Sales cycles are protracted and unpredictable.  Product requirements will be extensive and demanding. You’re selling to multiple different personalities, functions, agendas. There are purchasing specialists and full-time attorneys on staff. A reorganization can throw your deal into limbo. Or stop it altogether. The inefficiencies and […]

Get Better at Getting Your Next Customer

While getting your first customers can seem difficult, confusing or just plain intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. Much of your sales success can be accomplished by simply focusing on the basics. And the good news is that you probably already know them.

Here are 12 simple tips and practices that are guaranteed to make you more effective at sales.


Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Introduction Let me start by explaining what this book isn’t. It isn’t a richly detailed, step-by-step sales scheme for transforming you into the next sales superstar. And you won’t find a systematic, five step sales methodology here either. There are plenty of those […]